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September 4, 2012
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When an individual may be vital to the nation’s safety, can she be permitted to make her own choices? Which is the lesser evil: to restrict her future for the sake of the realm, or to grant her the same freedom as her fellow subjects, even if doing so may—or may not—endanger the country?

Addenda: So . . . the positive comments I’m seeing boil down to “this is a great little short story—it’s so quiet and introspective and it uses PDF for lovely presentation!” The negative comments I’m seeing boil down to “this is a terrible little short story—it’s so quiet and introspective and it uses PDF for unnecessary presentation!” Mm-hm.

Not surprisingly, “Wonderbolts Academy”, flawed as it is, pretty well scotches several aspects of the story—though the underlying question and dilemma still hold up. Most notably, the Wonderbolts now appear to be a much larger organization than previous episodes implied, perhaps a full service in its own right rather than an élite arm of the Royal Guard.

There’s no way around the fact that running something that big is a general’s job. Spitfire is insanely young to be holding a rank normally achieved only in one’s forties or later; on the other hand, private conferences with the Crown are much more likely (indeed, they would be required) for a general officer than for a field-grade officer.
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I certainly enjoyed reading this. Stories focusing on the internal conflict are much too rare.
However, I'd suggest that if you do utilize pdf format for predictable presentation, you may want to avoid "stray lines" cut off a paragraph at the top or bottom of the page.
Thanks for the favorite!

It’s nearly impossible to avoid orphans in straight prose; take a look at a representative sample of paperback and hardbound novels. I’ve designed and typeset several dozen novels and other books myself in the course of my professional career, so I’m aware of the issue. Design and lay-out are a balancing act, juggling dozens or scores of sometimes conflicting priorities, and orphans lose.

I’m “publishing” these short stories more or less as a lark. From tooth-grinding experience, I know that the degree of tweaking and the potential for rippling “falling domino” changes would demand more hours than I’m willing to put into addressing such a (relatively) minor item.
PandaTheAlchemist Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like this story; it's pretty great; it’s so quiet and introspective and it uses PDF for lovely presentation!
Heehee—thanks so much, and thanks for the favorite! :-)
Nicely written! I liked this extrapolation of the show's hints, and enjoyed how you presented the (as of yet unfelt) consequences of being an Element Bearer.
Thanks very much! I just hope the third season doesn’t invalidate (somehow) my rather vague assumptions. :-)
I think the show's writers made a mistake by hinting the Wonderbolts was a military group.
Hm. Interesting. I disagree, but being the son and grandson of Air Force officers and being strongly pro-military by worldview may have something to do with it. Part of it, too, may be that I don’t see a plausible alternative explanation for their existence and role.

The variety of opinions on the matter may be the reason the Wonderbolts’ status one way or the other hasn’t been stated outright.
Ddomius Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A very nice read. It's a simple plot, but your writing made it as interesting as any action story.

P.S. Love the PDF :)
Thanks very much for the comment—and the favorite! :-) I laughed out loud at the coda, too.
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